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Health & Wellness


Learn tips and techniques to achieve a greater physical, mental & spiritual balance & obtain a healthier purpose-driven lifestyle that can also radiate out to others.



Self Worth fueled with Love is one of life's greatest treasures.

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Addictions, Behavioral Concerns, Disorders, Prevention, Re-Entry after Incarceration, Self Harm, Suicidal Thoughts




Our hands on classes use healthy recipes, tips and methods to maximize energy, focus and physical transformation while providing money saving concepts.




10% technical ability, 90% mental focus. Learn techniques to expand both and optimize athletic performance naturally.


Peaks and Valleys


Refresh your body, mind and spirit during one of our expeditions or day hikes. Let's get that heart pumping for all the right reasons.

About Us

At Raindrop Enterprises, we believe that everything begins not only with the individual, but with how the individual processes the never-ending flood of thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Our core belief is that achieving balance in the three key areas of body, mind, and spirit is critical to producing a quality of life that will maximize a person’s short stay in this human existence. We place a large emphasis on the ripple effect we have through those whose lives we are a part of or engage with. Shifting one’s focus from “How is that working for you?” to asking “WHY is that working (or not working) for you?”

Before After

John Harris, the founder of Raindrop Enterprises, is a Mentor & Performance Coach specializing in Health, Nutrition, Athletics and Business Executive Wellness Programs.

As an Ultra Endurance Athlete, Patented wearable Technology Developer and Survivor, he has created a sustainable lifestyle transition program with balanced training programs in the areas of Body, Mind & Spirit. John also offers successful Re-Entry Programs for incarcerated adults, various 12 step programs & suicide prevention and recovery. He has developed & conducted in-depth study programs in areas of Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise & Mindfulness and the importance of balance in all 4 areas.

Our goal is to teach you how to use the tools & techniques that John has learned through firsthand experience, in-depth study, and meditation.  We are committed to helping you uncover or rediscover the best version of you.

2020 Classes and Training Schedules are now available. Availability & class sizes are limited so click on the EVENT/SIGN UP tab or contact us at info@enterraindrop now to reserve your spot.


We utilize the latest concepts and tools to help you understand your mental, physical & spiritual wellbeing as an individual in addition to utilizing my “Risk Assessment & Prevention Experience” into your personal lives & business settings, large or small, by teaching core behavioral techniques coupled with a "Proactive Growth Mindset" to help you and your team achieve better results

- John Harris

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“What we think, we become.” - Buddha

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What Our Clients Say

Abby 40 Years Old

“I always looked at exercise as a task to check off my to-do list. It wasn’t until I was introduced to raindrop that my perspective changed. A change of perspective that changed more than just my mindset on exercise…a change of perspective on who I am.”