In partnership with Raindrop Institute, At Oakbridge Mastery, we believe that true mastery begins with a strong foundation of health and well-being. That's why we prioritize the basics of foundational health, including sleep, nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness, in our mentoring programs. We understand that these elements lay the groundwork for personal growth and success in all areas of life. In collaboration with our partners at the Raindrop Institute, we offer access to added tools and benefits to our mentoring approach. The Raindrop Institute specializes in holistic health and wellness practices, providing valuable resources and techniques to support our mentees in their journey toward mastery. Together, Oakbridge Mentoring and the Raindrop Institute offer a comprehensive and integrated approach to mentoring, empowering individuals to cultivate a solid foundation of health while pursuing their goals.

Progress in this area means understanding oneself, developing a sense of identity, meaning, self-awareness, inner peace and joy, and meaning in life. Creating a better version of self.


We are not alone. We are social creatures and usually have families and should be helping to cultivate meaningful relationships. This includes developing a love for other people, forgiveness, trust, respect, and kindness towards others.


Irrespective of our knowledge or experiences, we belong to a greater whole, sharing this living planet with diverse communities. Advancement entails fostering respect and unity within our community and the natural world.


We create a transformative partnership where experienced professionals provide guidance and support to help individuals thrive in their entrepreneurial journey.