Welcome to Raindrop Institute! We are committed to empowering individuals by providing education, training, and motivation in the three essential areas of Body, Mind, and Spirit. Our aim is to help you become the best version of yourself through a balanced approach. Imagine a sturdy three-legged stool, with each leg representing one of these areas, working together to create a solid foundation for a vibrant and fulfilling life. We specialize in teaching and training you to become more self-aware of your passions and motivations while also equipping you with the necessary tools to sustain your newfound lifestyle. Our approach is universal, catering to individuals from all walks of life, regardless of their background or journey. Just like a three-legged stool, each component is equally important, and neglecting any of them can disrupt your overall well-being. We emphasize achieving equilibrium between Body, Mind, and Spirit, along with fostering balance in Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition, and Mindfulness. Our education and training programs take place outside the traditional confines of classrooms, gyms, or doctor's offices. Our goal is to enable you to seamlessly integrate what you learn into your everyday life, making it a sustainable and transformative journey. Join us at Raindrop Institute and create a ripple effect of positive change in your life!

Who We Are

Raindrop Enterprises
John Harris – founder of Raindrop Enterprises

John Harris, the founder of Raindrop Enterprises, is a Mentor & Performance Coach specializing in Personal Health, Wellness & Fitness.

As an Ultra Endurance Athlete, Patented wearable Technology Developer, and Survivor, he has created a sustainable lifestyle transition program with balanced training programs in the areas of Body, Mind & Spirit. John also offers successful Re-Entry Programs for incarcerated adults. He has developed & conducted in-depth study programs in the areas of Sleep, Nutrition & Exercise.  John's goal is to teach you how to use the tools & techniques he has learned through firsthand experience, in-depth study, and meditation.  He is committed to helping you uncover or rediscover the best version of yourself.

My Story

I'm John,

I am 61 years old, and yes, that is a before and after picture of me on the home page. I am the proud father of 5 wonderful children. Four of them are in their 20's & 30's and one beautiful, vibrant 19-year-old daughter - Elizabeth. When my wife told me that we were having one more child after 13 years since our last, it put me into more of a tailspin than I was already in. Coming off of 2 business failures, 80 lb. overweight, on 5 prescriptions and self-medicating, mental and spiritual instability, blood pressure through the roof, DVT (blood clot) in one leg, tumor in a lung, cholesterol out of control, and a wife that was soon to be diagnosed and treated for breast cancer.

The stress added up and took its toll on all 3 levels of my existence: body, mind, and Spirit. All hell broke loose in my world. One of the few things that I can remember about this dark block of time was people telling me that a child will make and keep me young. All I was thinking about was death would be a welcome relief. Fortunately for me, I am a very, very stubborn man. It took me several long, dark, and hollow years to finally make it to the day I thought would never come - “the line in the sand."

Every day was spent hoping that an end of any kind would finally come and end this existence. I had had enough with no hope in sight, just mind-numbing, dark, empty days full of watching the clock to be sure to take the next prescription that should help me get through the side effects of the last prescription I had just taken. I felt that even God had forgotten me after 25 years of devoted service. My doctors were of no help, and as I later come to more fully understand and remind them, it's why they call it a “Practice.” My children and wife loved me, which seemed to add to the stress level, as I could not even take care of them anymore.

During my life, I had the displeasure of dealing with several people who had ended their life or had a close family member do so, and I did not want to burden my family with more “after-my-death drama” with a messy or gruesome suicide. That's when I had the recollection of what my doctors told me about my D.V.T... Any minute could be my last... if that blood clot breaks lose, it will kill me faster than the ambulance can get to me. I know that to be true, as that's what killed my sister while she was in the hospital.

So that was my exit strategy! Get the blood clot to break loose, and I am out of here - respectably? I looked around for any ideas or ways to make that happen, and all I remember was seeing that damn treadmill - That will do it! Let's fire it up. Guess what I found out? Running won't kill you, and you will pass out first. The treadmill did not kill me. It did just the opposite. It saved my life. I lowered the deck and pressed the start button while standing on the sides, holding the rails, waiting for it to get up to a jolting speed (and mostly me trying to remember how to work it). I held the speed button down until the max speed had been reached and then raised the deck to full incline and jumped on with all 6 feet 247 pounds... You get the picture; you might be somewhere close to this in your life and or know others like this. How's that working for you? (Thanks, Dr. Phil).

Today I weigh between 165 - 175 pounds and have between 6.5% and 7.5% body fat. It is common for me to run 50 - 75 miles a week - yes, even with a blood clot, in 20 below temperatures in Utah's mountains or, most recently, 113 above in Arizona. I also show gratitude to a much higher power than I am. I show and journal gratitude daily. I smile even if I don’t want to - it makes others smile (thanks, Ellen D). My blood pressure is normal, all my vitals are in the peak performance range, and you guessed it, no meds, diets, or surgeries!!! I lost 75 pounds in 3 months and ate more food than I ever did in my fat days. I love to cook, and I love to share what I cook with others. I have my mental and spiritual sides in training (I am far from perfect - but I love the days that pose some challenges for me to practice what I preach).

Raindrop Enterprises
Raindrop Enterprises

I about jump out of bed every day between 4 - 5 a.m. No alarm clocks and no more “Claws in the ceiling” anxiety. I look forward to the new day with the excitement of a child on Christmas eve. And I get to share it with my beautiful 17-year-old daughter, that feels the same way. They were right; a child my age will make and keep me young. We dance, sing, and love to watch sunsets with the gratitude of being blessed to have another chance at this wonderful life. Now it's my turn to give back.

Please join us at Raindrop Enterprises and let us help you put some purpose back in your life, expand your “ripple effect,” and become a better version of who you already are. I promise we won't do any treadmills on high with full incline - unless you want to??? This is not a typical diet program, but you might make several life changes that will show yourself & those around you that “Yes, you can” do even the impossible. It's all in your head; all you need to do is what I did on that treadmill - “Change your mind,” and the rest will follow. We can show you how. 100% success - it’s that powerful. It’s just 7 for 7.


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