You are the Raindrop with a ripple effect

  • From losing a few pounds, developing a new or better exercise program, managing the challenges of COVID19, getting better sleep to significant health, wellness, or lifestyle makeover, we have the tools and programs to help you accomplish your goals, feel better, and become a better version of yourself. Remember, YOU ARE THE RAINDROP!


  • With the onset of COVID 19 and the new normal of working from home, limited to no access to the usual health maintenance facilities or gyms, and social distancing, our mental and emotional hygiene has us at some serious and dangerous levels. The good news is that is what Raindrop Health & Wellness Institute specializes in. We were founded on the belief that a healthy balance can be achieved and maintained from home and outdoors.


  • Our core belief is that achieving a healthy balance in the three key areas of body, mind, and spirit is critical to producing a quality of life that will maximize a person's life and possibly influence other lives for years to come (that's what we call your ripple effect).


  • A healthy lifestyle is a crucial component and is a foundational part of what we teach Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Mindfulness. We teach you ways to make these four areas convenient, familiar, and enjoyable (yes, even the exercise).


  • We place a large emphasis on the Ripple Effect that we each have with those whose lives we are a part of or engage with. Our goal is to help you reach your goals, understand yourself better, and create a more positive ripple effect. We call this finding your WHY'S - WHY. 


Personalized Individual and Group Training

Base pricing starting at $150 an Hour