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John, Listening to your fun stories makes me feel so much better. You always seem to know just what to say and know exactly what I need to hear.

I am so grateful to you for all you have done for me. I was in a pretty dark place last winter and was on the brink of drawing my own line in the sand. I was so tired of feeling bad and then feeling absolutely nothing while on the depression meds. I just stopped taking them one day and then I did start to feel again…not necessarily good, but at least something.

I spent many nights crying myself to sleep just praying for the chance to feel good again, to be excited about life, to be motivated to do something other than just get through the day.

Thank you for your friendship and support and your willingness to accept me with all my many faults and craziness. Thanks for motivating, inspiring, and believing in me. You really are a great person with many amazing gifts.

Forever grateful,


Age 50

I always looked at exercise as a task to check off my to-do list. It wasn’t until I was introduced to raindrop that my perspective changed. A change of perspective that changed more than just my mindset on exercise…a change of perspective on who I am.

This change happened through the 7 for 7 programs taught to me by Raindrop. I wanted to break the 3-mile wall I had with running. For seven days I ran seven extra minutes, then the next week I added another seven minutes for seven days and so on. But what’s really amazing is this technique doesn’t have to just apply to exercise only. That’s right! I had a tool I could use in any area where I wanted improvement. Nutrition, emotional well-being, spiritual wellness to name a few.
But what really got exercise to come off my “to do list” was to incorporate nature into my workouts.

While running,I was surrounded by nature which allowed me to feel closer to my spiritual Father. I could feel the complete obedience of nature to the will of its creator. I wanted this same obedience to my Creator’s will and to see myself as He saw me.

My runs became a time of inspiration and introspection with Him by my side. I realized I was living my life trying to look the way I thought others wanted me to appear in hopes that they would see that I was worth loving. The problem was I didn’t love myself. I was often depressed and wondered what it was I was to do with my life. I wanted a life of joy, love, and giving. It was time for me to be true to my potential self. 7 for 7, I acknowledged all I loved and hated about myself. I gradually began to love myself for all my perfections and imperfections just as my Father does. I continue to work on that every day because some demons take longer to get out of our minds than others. Through His love, I saw my light he had given me and wanted to share it with others and help them find their own light.

I also could see the potential my light had to grow. I made a list of what I wanted that would help me reach my potential to be aligned with God’s will.

Here are a few:

  1. I want to explore the world
  2. I want to continually acquire more knowledge
  3. I want to define myself instead of letting others define me
  4. I want to not be afraid to do the impossible
  5. I want to stretch and not shrink and never give up
  6. I want to live a life of balance
  7. I want to surround myself with people that help me shine and then I reach out to those that need my help to shine themselves

Sometimes we just need someone to believe in us so we can believe in ourselves. Because Raindrop believed in me, I was able to finish a half marathon (from 3 miles to 13.1). As a bonus, I lost 30 lbs which weren’t even one of my goals. But best of all I now loved the girl in the mirror.

Although I’m not officially in the Raindrop program anymore, I still use what I learned every day. In fact, I went on to finish a full marathon and loved every minute of it!

Thanks, Raindrop for sharing your ripple with me so I could, in turn, find my own ripple to share.


40 years old