Feb 17 2020

Solitude vs Loneliness

What do you think of when you hear the word solitude? How does your response differ when you hear the word loneliness? Both connote being alone, but the feelings associated with being alone should not be stressful or dismal, but rather, rejuvenation for the self. Is this woman in the picture about to jump, or…

Feb 1 2020

Stress: You are what you eat

  According to one survey, 38% of adults eat unhealthy foods or overeat during periods of stress. While it might seem like a pint of ice cream or bag of chips offers temporary relief, new research reveals that eating junk food could negatively impact your mood. Research shows stress is associated with higher fat intake. A spike in cortisol levels (when…

Jan 2 2019

3 Ways a Health Coach Can Assist You

3 Ways A Health Coach Can Assist With Weight Loss One of the ways to be your healthiest is by reaching your ideal body weight. This can be a challenge to do if you have a lot of excess weight to lose. The good news is you may have higher success by enlisting the aid…

Dec 30 2018

New Year – New Goals? Probably Not – Maybe?

Yes the first of a New Year is fast approaching and the 2018 year has come and gone.  How do you feel? How did you do on this past years goals? Are you confused as to why you set them? Maybe confused as to how they fit into your big picture. Here is a quick…

Nov 22 2018

Spiritual Well-Being

Spiritual Well-Being is critical. We often hear more about physical and mental well-being because it seems more practical in application. However, spiritual well-being also has practical application… and this is the sole purpose of this site. I would like to share with you many sources that can support you in achieving greater balance in your…

Oct 27 2018

The Organic Experience

What do you think of when you hear the words “Plant Based / Organic”? I believe most would correlate the words with food (some think of manufacturing plants). Food that has not been genetically modified and produced without the use of chemicals and pesticides. This could also be termed as clean, natural, and as close…

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